Sunday, 25 November 2012

Red Scorpion company arrives - now with pictures

So a week after it was due, and on a Sunday lunchtime, my latest eBay purchase arrived today - a complete space marine company! Yes, six ten-man Tactical Squads, two ten-man Assault Squads, two ten-man Devastator Squads, plus Command Squad, Librarian, Captain and Chaplain. Perfect really, apart from the odd model with an Ultrasmurfs shoulderpad which can be easily removed. This is perfect as I've got five apothecary sets (not the Finecast or metal ones, the plastic bits from the command squad box) to make up the replacement sergeants as Red Scorpions can take apothecaries as an upgrade to their sergeants on tactical squads. Adding in the apothecary from the command squad and thats my six tactical squads with alternative sergeants (the plan is to go halves with Marc from Big Fat Cans of Win on the ForgeWorld Apothecary set from which I only want the Mark IV as its the most likely of the pair to be in the Red Scorpions' arsenal, while the Mark II will fit in nicely to his Imperial Fists).

Below are some early pics as I tried to decide which heavy weapons went in which squads (something I'm not quite set on yet...).

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