Sunday, 18 January 2015

Red Scorpions: Land Raider Redeemer

Here is my Land Raider Redeemer, as promised. It has quite a few conversion bits added to it to make it a bit special. It uses the Forge World Grey Knight Redeemer assault launchers and side Flamestorm Cannons, Forge World Extra Armour (which they don't sell any more - thank you eBay!), the centre section of a MKIIB Land Raider (also Forge World) and finally Forge World Red Scorpion doors. So quite a lot of Forge World. Oh, and a guy with MK4 helmet manning the multi-melta (which snapped as I went to take the pictures, so it'll be fixed by the time you're reading this).

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Red Scorpions: A pair of Storm Talon

The first fully painted models in the army are these two Storm Talons. I'm very happy with how they look, particularly with the weathering effects. They'll be soon followed onto here by my Land Raider Redeemer which is looking great so far. Below are some more pics of the Talons.

The very minor conversion to flatten out the chin-turret

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Red Scorpions: Tactical sergeants/apothecaries built

Quick update post to share these three Veteran Sergeants for my Tactical Squads. The Red Scorpions get the option to upgrade their sergeants for free to have Nartheciums, granting the squads Feel No Pain. This is good, as the arguably the best of the Space Marine troop choices, sniper scouts, isn't available with camo cloaks due the RSs preference to not 'hide'. 

More to update on soon, including some great progress on Storm Talons (yes, plural), a Land Raider and hopefully some Rhino/Razorbacks. No point me showing pictures of them unprimed, as you all know what they look like with only the Land Raider having some conversion bits done to it.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Red Scorpions: Vanguard Veterans and a pile of Forge World

I managed to sneak an hour yesterday to get some bits built. My plan was to spend quite a bit longer, hence the Sicaran tank you can see in the bag on the left, but instead life happened so I only managed to get my Vanguard Veterans unit built. Its a mix of plastic parts and Forge World Red Scorpion bits added to the standard Assault Squad kit. The results are below and I'm happy with them.


The army is coming on well now. I've counted up to about 2800 points once everything is built, so there will be many more posts on the way in the coming months! Below is the infantry built so far: Devastator squad with FW missile launchers (to differentiate them as being Flakk missile equipped), the Vanguard above, Sevrin Loth, Lord Executioner, the beginnings of the Sternguard and a random assortment of heavy weapons that will find there way into tactical squads.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Xmas - Here are some (High) Elves

If the blogger scheduler has worked, this will appear on December 25th, so seasons greetings/merry xmas to you (delete as appropriate). Hope you're having a nice, relaxing day with more things to add to you hobby collection and painting queue.

Here are a few things coming up on mine, a High Elf Blood Bowl team I'm planning on taking to the next Merseybowl in a couple of months. Hopefully should have them done by then. Last year, I managed to scrape a best painted win there with my Norse team despite them only arriving as bare metal ten days before the tournament. I'm hoping to get more sleep ahead of this one...
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