Thursday, 18 December 2014

Red Scorpions: Forge World Land Speeder Tempest

Land Speeder Tempest, built
Here is the build Land Speeder Tempest from Forge World. Its a great little model which works great on the tabletop. As its an old kit, the Space Marine pilot doesn't have any shoulder pads unlike the more recent flyers by both Forge World and Games Workshop. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet, but I've tried dry fitting the model in with some shoulder pads and it would take a significant amount of cutting to get them included. My gut feeling is that it would be just too cramped and/or make the pilot model look like it had been trimmed down. Pictures below. Anybody who has resolved this, or has built one of these and has an idea of what to do, please do comment below.

Land Speeder Tempest pilot without shoulderpads

Land Speeder Tempest pilot with shoulderpads

Also worth noting on this model are some of the other details. Sadly, the engine bay below (visible through two hatches, one each side) are not glued shut as there simply isn't the space for any magnets or even pins to allow them to be removable. I'm hoping the canopy will continue to be a tight fit so I don't have to do either for that.

Land Speeder Tempest engine

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Red Scorpions: Yeah... Another change...

Yeah, the Blood Angels plans didn't last long. Mainly its because I was made aware of what was coming with the BAs about a month or so ago and it just didn't fit with what I was looking for. So with that in mind, I've returned to the chapter that got me back into the hobby again - Red Scorpions. This is the latest acquisition into what will be a significantly Forge World army - a Venerable Dreadnought with two twin-linked Autocannon arms (or a 'Rifleman', as the internet would call it). Arms aren't primed like the rest of the model as they were two separate eBay purchases, but hopefully that'll be resolved soon. It makes it an effective AA and light vehicle hunting platform which should be useful. 

More to come this week, with a Land Speeder Tempest and a Sicaran currently on the work table.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Thunderfire Cannon built - with enforced conversion - plus my Eversor proxy

As promised, a little bit of progress. A bit of luck on eBay got me this for a good price - or so I thought. Sadly the rather dishonest seller listed it as complete and a cursory glance over it on arrival saw me agree, and leave feedback as such. Then today comes, when I have to build the thing. I discover the rear of the cannon, where the missiles are loaded is missing, along with the servo-arm that is the loader from the techmarine. Its clearly not a mistake, as the arm has been replaced with one from the standard techmarine kit... Hmmm... 

The enforced conversion that I've started but need to leave for 24 hours while it sets is this below - a hatch on a sculpted part. I'll go over it with liquid greenstuff to flatten it out properly, but it shouldn't look too bad once its finished.

Also, the Imperial Agent from Rogue Trader times is going to be my proxy assassin for the army, which in most cases I think he will be an Eversor just for the fun of it.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Blood Angels Devastators with Forge World Missile Launchers

I began the hour planning on finishing off a Land Raider (pictures to come at some point) but instead built up a Devastator Squad with the very nice Forge World missile launchers. While they look fantastic, they can be a bit fiddly to get to a tight fit to the shoulder pads to prevent them looking like they're suspended and held by one hand. Below is my solution to hiding the gaps, a bit of important writing on scrolls, just what a heat producing weapon in the 41st millennium really needs...

Its also worth noting for anybody thinking of getting this kit that some parts which look like they should be there, actually shouldn't and need to be cut off.


Note the piece just behind the rear shoulder mount - if this isn't trimmed, you won't get a neat fit with the backpack
I'm very happy with how they've come out and with the new codex just around the corner, they'll probably be the guys charged with anti-flyer duties, assuming that the army have access to Flakk missiles, of course...

The sergeant

Monday, 6 October 2014

Blood Angels: Plastic Librarian finished

So here he is, finished and based. I say finished but I might stick a gloss varnish onto the Force Sword to make it glow a bit more, but on the whole he is ok. In hindsight, I'm not sure how much I'll use a power armoured librarian, but hey, we'll see.
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