Sunday, 11 October 2015

Product Review: Imperial Knight shield indicators from Mechanical Warhorse

This is a quick product review of another eBay purchase. This time it’s some shield indicators and hull point markers (which come as a set, link here). For those not aware, in the game you must indicate the side your shields are facing for each Knight and only that 90 degree is protected by the shield. With five Knights on the table, it would be easy for either my opponent (or, far more likely, me) to lose track of their individual facings.

First impressions are that they are very neatly made, with each of the side indicators coming from half a full circle as can be seen below. The acrylic feels thick enough for the job at about 2-3mm and the seller (eBay seller Mechanical Warhorse, or via their website which is had a number of different colour choices at the time. 

Also bundled with them was a hull point counter. This again is nicely made, and even though I didn’t actually realise it was a bundled item until it arrived it’ll probably be a useful thing in game. My original plan was to use a normal dice on the base, but these will do.

Downside to these is the postage cost from the US which came to £19 - which is very excessive for a few pieces of acrylic. It would definitely be inhibitory if ordering just one, but if there are a few people in your gaming group with Knights it might be a good idea to pool the money and only pay for one shipping.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Imperial Knights: Less models but slower progress

There has sadly been little progress on the Imperial Knights so far as work has become very busy. That said, my second built Knight has arrived – this time the Castigator. Due to it being packed incredibly poorly it took just over an hour to get it back together (and standing on the oval base facing the right direction – i.e. it was facing the short edge!?) but it’s done now and I’m happy with it. A re-prime and it should fit in nicely with the collection. The other three Knights have some progress as the legs are all built. It’s a start, a slow one, but a start nonetheless…

Below is a pic of the Knights so far. There should be some more progress this week. Hopefully.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Imperial Knights: And so the circle is complete

These arrived today, heralding the incoming collection of Imperial Knights. I've previously dabbled in a Knight (here and here), and made reference to my desire to actually do a full household (here) just like I had in days gone for Epic. Well, I've gone and done it - five Imperial Knights are en route. Yes, five. In one go.

How? Well, the Red Scorpions are on the eBay block (you can find whats left of them here - they finish Sunday evening UK time, and I'll ship em anywhere in the world). It came down to the fact that I dislike painting figures - if you go through everything I've painted, they tend to be the big things, so it kinda makes sense to paint an army of just big things, right?

So, back to what is coming. I've got two of the Warden kits, one of the standard Knight kit (as between the three I'll have plenty of bits for magnetising over the three), along with a Cerastus Knight Acheron and a Questoris Knight Magaera.

I'll be going for House Cadmus (example picture below), which is a colour scheme that really appeals to me and makes it very easy for me to plan my home gaming table around as it's a jungle-style world for their home planet.

Expect some updates very soon!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Red Scorpions: Master of the Apothecaries conversion

Well this turned out far better than I imagined... After two attempts at buying the parts off eBay (the Royal Mail lost the first package...), I've converted up what will probably be a go-to Captain/Chapter Master for the army. The background for the Red Scorpions is that the second in command of the Chapter is an apothecary, so what better way to model up this guy than with the MKIV Apothecary from Forge World. He is stood upon the base from the Forge World Sevatar model (which gives a cursory nod to my like of the Night Lords legion too). Overall, I'm delighted. Since these pictures have been taken it's now primed and ready for painting. Might have to do this guy first...

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hobby: A £22 airbrush and compressor??

Did I mention free shipping too? It's probably going to turn out to be fairly useless, but if it has enough life in it to base coat my tanks - I'm not expecting the ability to do fine detail - then it'll have been very VERY worth it.

First impressions are good... I set it up outside to try (in case it wasn't the best in terms of control) and base coated a Vindicator in about 2 minutes. Interesting... From what I could tell, about 5cm away was the sweet spot for coverage. I used the Vallejo Air paint which went over the primer very nicely. The yellow probably needed a lighter primer to go on with one coat, but you can see its an even finish on the grey. Overall, delighted. If it breaks after the tanks are all primed, I won't mind at that price!

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