Saturday, 23 May 2015

Blood Bowl: New signings for the human team

Just a quick post as an update to the human Blood Bowl team I showed painted earlier in the week. These were the three players missing from the 2005 set - two catchers and a thrower. I've also picked up what I think its the best of the blood bowl ogres by Games Workshop as the final player. Hopefully will get them painted up next week to match the team, which might be getting an outing on Monday.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Imperial Knights: Freeblade Errant WIP Continued

Good steady progress from the middle of the week has seen this built, primed and basecoated fairly rapidly - very rapidly for me! I'm liking the brightness of the model and I think it'll contrast well with the Red Scorpions on the tabletop. My decision on where the Astartes heraldry will go is still a bit up in the air, but a few other places have presented themselves. 

  1. Half of the left shoulderpad, seems a safe choice
  2. The little shield on the front of the carapace
  3. One of the shin guards, half or full
  4. The knee, as its about the size of the marine shoulderpad, but it seems like such a small area
Suggestions and comments are very welcome!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Blood Bowl: Human Team painted

The squad so far

This week has been relatively productive in terms of hobby. Yesterday and today I managed to get this human team pretty much completed and I'm really happy with the outcome. To quote a good friend of mine, they're "Red and green without looking like Christmas" - which I'm relieved about. That said, I've noticed since uploading these pictures that I've not done the gun metal colour on the chest plates of the blitzers as I planned (not really for aesthetics, more so opponents can clearly tell them apart from the linesmen) so that'll be done when I get them back out to add the rest of the squad. Yes, there will be more to the team, as I'm short of a second thrower, two of the original catchers and an ogre, but they're all likely to be found on eBay in the next week or so. Until then, I've a very usable team which I'm hoping to get to another NAF tournament with in the coming months.

The sculpts really do complement each other well

The blitzers have an armour plate on their chests - which I'll have to make slightly more obvious with a paint contrast


The catchers are almost a bit of a comedy double act...
... but thats why I like Blood Bowl!

I think this is a great sculpt and he'll be my team captain

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Imperial Knights: Freeblade Errant WIP

Progress is slow, but steady. I've decided to go for a red and black scheme for the first knight as you can see here. My only decision is how I'm going to denote it will be linked to the Red Scorpions. Do I do a decal on the black section of the left shoulder pad? Do I do it on a leg piece, or indeed on the little forward-facing shield? Tough choices, but I'll get the whole model built up before I make that decision.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Imperial Knights: The Beginning of a Household?

After what has been a difficult month, I'm finally getting back to some hobby and as is the usual way for me, I'm starting something new on the side. This time, its Imperial Knights. I've always loved the concept of a Knight Household and used to run something akin to the picture below back in the day when I played Epic.

To that end, I'm starting with a single Knight. An Errant, I think to begin with as it'll bring in the strength and templates that I could do with, and I'll add a Paladin soon after. Now the only thing I'm pondering on is the colour scheme: I'm tempted to do a standard household, but I'd like it to be linked in with the Red Scorpions so this one might end up being a Freeblade. The temptation is to eventually have a few Knights so that I can field them in both 30k and 40k games, but that is some way (and a substantial outlay of money) away at the moment. But, all armies have to start somewhere...
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