Sunday, 26 June 2016

Imperial Guard: Metal HQs and reinforcements

After a number of weeks of searching, I've managed to gather up some of the classic Rogue Trader era models I wanted to be part of the Guard army. With them being from the 90s or early 2000s, they're all metal and as per usual via eBay, destined for paint stripping on arrival. Here they are!
The original trio of Imperial Psykers


Commissar Gaunt

Assassins from all four temples
The painting process has already begun, thanks to a variety of coloured primers and dry weather. Also visible here are the Monty Python priests from Victoria Lamb miniatures (who will be my Ministorum Priests), along with the metal Ogryn and other officers to add. Oh, and a troll for my Orc Blood Bowl team in the last picture.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Imperial Guard: Arvus lighter progress

As I mentioned in my last post, this Arvus required a lot of work - far more than originally thought. Some parts were broken but repairable, others smashed beyond repair while some parts were simply poorly cast. Much work was needed. 

Wwhat you see in those four pictures took far longer than I'd care to admit. Getting the hull into one piece without daylight visible required lots of Vallejo Plastic Putty. Lots... The canopy top required actual creation as it was missing, while the base was also warped. A miscast of the original searchlight saw me chop up a new one from a Rhino kit (which gives it a better look to the front end, I think). The back hatch obviously didn't fit and had been repaired previously. The uneven edges you see around the back end are the result of sawing and sanding to get them as flat as they'll go. The red dusting is actually rusting powder that spilt over my files - no actual blood was shed on this model. I then hit it with some primer.

What a difference a spray makes...

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Imperial Guard: An Arvus restoration job

The seller described this delightful little craft as needing 'a little TLC' - sadly the Royal Mail decided I needed a real challenge and smashed it to bits in the kind way they often do things. Hmm... This is going to be a fun little project.

Yes... Definitely needs work... That said, I actually have a slightly unorthodox plan for this little freighter's battlefield role. I plan to make FULL use of it's transport capacity of 12 to deliver a fun payload: 

Yes, this little Arvus is going to deliver a rather hilarious cargo of Ogryn direct to the enemy lines. Should be a very entertaining unit!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Imperial Guard: Impressions after four games with the new force

1500 points

I've now played four games with the new Guard army I mentioned a few weeks ago. Above was the first force I played (1500 points) against a Chaos Marine force that was mainly footslogging. It was a good introduction as it showed how fun they can be to play, and pretty effective with their shooting despite a good amount of LOS blocking terrain. That force included a Forge World Avenger (which was a LOT bigger than I expected, and has been replaced with pair of other flyers you'll see later), an infantry platoon with two chimeras, a veteran squad in a chimera, four various Leman Russ, plus a commissar, priest and two primaris psykers. Fairly shooty.

Following on from that game, I played a full day of gaming on Saturday against a marine player and got three games in as a standalone escalation series of games. We started at 600 points, then 1250, before the final game of 2500. The two smaller games were played on 6'x4' tables, with the final played on a 6'x6'. I think in these games, the lack of mobility was highlighted as a problem for me.

1250 points
I don't have any pictures of the 600 point list, and it doesn't make much difference, as that was a complete tabling by my opponent - killed to the man in a three objective mission. Hmm... All three lists for the day were themed around an Inquisitor, so he was an identical addition in each of the lists. The second game was chosen by my opponent (the prize for winning each mission was to choose the next, with all victory points from the day being totalled) from the Space Marine Altar of War missions - Slayer of Kings. Not great for me as all they had to do was kill HQ units for 3 points each, with dedicated transports counting of HQs counting - this meant that my command squad, it's chimera and my Inquisitor gave him the ability to take 9 points. My force of two veteran squads in chimeras plus the platoon, Thunderbolt and Leman Russes would have their job cut out for them, or at least I thought it would go that way. A tabling the other way followed, with my trio of Ratlings (!) killing the final Space Marine with only the HQ chimera damaged. On to game three, with all to play for.

2500 points
That escalated quickly. All the Guard were taken from the boxes lined up as above. My opponent had an interesting list for the final game (5 objective mission, where I thought my multiple small units from the platoon might give me the edge using a "You can't kill 'em all" approach), which included a Space Marine Demi-Company of Imperial Fists - with the assault and devastator sections covered by the corresponding type of Centurions. Scoring Centurions - what could be more frustrating for Guard? If they each had Land Raiders as transports, that's what. Turns out you can kill 'em all. While I wasn't tabled, the game ended with me controlling only two objectives and my opponent three, meaning the overall win for the day went to him. A great fun day, with some more pictures below.

From the four games, I've decided what I do and don't like about the Guard so far. I really like the tanks - all my armies have always had a multitude of vehicles, and the Guard have great options there. The Avenger flyer was very effective against ground targets and took out a Hell Blade in the first game but not quite as fun as I'd hoped. The two Thunderbolts however, fantastic fun. I love how the pair of them look on the table and the fact that their guns are all twin-linked meaning Guard actually hit things. I'll be doing some work on them in the coming weeks, as I've acquired a number of missiles to paint up and fit for the other options they have, so they could become even more useful. The heavy weapon teams, and special weapon teams, both performed relatively well in the games, but don't really appeal to me in this force. I think from now on, I'm more likely to run them as veteran squads for more accuracy and mobility. The long range fire lost from the heavy weapon teams will be replaced with a manticore (fun!) and perhaps I'll crack open the Imperial Knight Warden kit that's been sitting around for quite some time... All in all, I'm delighted with this army, and hope to get some more games in soon. 

Also, expect hobby progress posts to return soon as my shoulder is slowly (very, very slowly) improving.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Blood Bowl: New/old Dwarf Blood Bowl team and custom Orc team

Really delighted to have picked up this team! A quick rebase, and a wash or two and these will look great on the tabletop.

Also, I've managed to get this custom made Orc team primed recently during Britain's entirely unnaturally good weather. I'll get some more pictures up once the painting has progressed a bit more.

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