Sunday, 12 April 2015

Red Scorpions: The boxes are full!

"You can be my wingman anytime"
From the very beginning of this project, I've always intended to be limited to what will fit in two standard KR card cases - which has turned out to be quite a few models! Below is what I've got now with just the two Rhino to be built. Totals in at 3265 points WYSIWYG which is impressive when you consider its 8 vehicles and 56 infantry. Collection is as follows:

  • Commander Carab Culln 
  • Magister Sevrin Loth
  • 2 Captain
  • Chaplain
  • Librarian
  • Land Raider Prometheus
  • 10 Sternguard
  • 5 Shooty Terminator 
  • 30 Tactical Marines
  • 2 Rhino
  • 1 Drop Pod
 Fast Attack
  • 2 Stormtalon Gunship
Heavy Support
  • Land Raider Redeemer
  • Devastator Squad
  • Predator Infernus
  • Vindicator

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Red Scorpions: Two tanks built - three not...

L = Forge World Deimos Predator Infernus, R = Forge World Vindicator
Very quick post today to report that I got a half hour spare this afternoon and threw the tracks on Infernus I was working on at the weekend, and then managed to get the Forge World Vindicator built - and then primed! It was certainly a coffee-charged time-zone for me... I'm now pretty sure I could build a Rhino in my sleep, which is good, as I've two more to build (plus another Land Raider). I've got the interiors to paint first though.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Red Scorpions: Building the Deimos Predator Infernus - despite the error on the instruction sheet!

This went together rather nicely to be quite honest. Its the first of the Deimos kits I've had chance to build and it looks good. There were a few bits of flimsy resin as you'd expect, but on the whole it was ok. The kit also came with two pieces of A4 paper as instructions which were nice and clear, stage by stage, which is a big improvement over some of the 'Its a miracle!' style of instructions found in some earlier kits.

If you can't build a Rhino to that state without the Rhino instructions, FW kits probably ain't for you...
Not done the tracks yet as I ran out of time

There was just one problem I've found and that was in the instructions. They helpfully show a 'Thick hatch' and a 'Thin hatch' in the instructions and clearly label where they are supposed to go. Sadly, they've put them on the wrong sides...
Instructions and Rhino
As you can see above, the instructions show the thicker of the two hatches should go into the shallower of the two holes in the chassis.

Following instructions
Doing the opposite to the instructions

As you can see, if you do the opposite to the sheet the two hatches sit flush and neatly. You can see that better in the picture below.

Much neater
Other than that minor error, its a great kit and I'm really looking forward to getting it on the tabletop. I've just got the tracks and accessories to add to it - and I really like the pre-Heresy spiked bar at the front.

The build so far

Friday, 3 April 2015

Red Scorpions: More tanks incoming!

Deimos Pattern Predator Infernus
My plan of having all the Red Scorpions built and painted hit an annoying stumbling block. I wasn't happy with the Sicaran or the Rhinos for different reasons. The rhinos because I'd bought them built and base painted but decided I wanted certain accessories in matching places for consistency over the two, so they went and new kits are on order. The Sicaran went because I just didn't really like it. I did at first, but the more I looked at it, I decided the rather limited space I've allowed myself (actual physical space in the storage box) would be best served with another Land Raider - so I've ordered a new one of them too. On the plus side, the Sicaran sale at RRP price bought me the others and left me some change, so I pooled that with the successful sale of the Battlefleet Gothic to a kind reader of this blog who decided that they wanted it more than me (!) allowed me to purchase two more Forge World tanks - the Deimos Predator Infernus (above) and one of the original Forge World Vindicators (best picture I could find online is below - note how the top rear is different). So they're all incoming in the next few days hopefully - actually, not hopefully, necessarily as I've a game planned on Thursday this week coming and could do with some armour! Progress will appear here once its made.

Forge World Vindicator

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Battlefleet Gothic: Strike Cruiser conversions

From the 2010 compendium
The standard Space Marine Strike Cruiser is a fairly common sight and is the only cruiser option for the fleet. It does however have some options which are not easily represented on the model as it comes. However, as can be seen above from the BFG 2010 Compendium PDF release, the Strike Cruiser can be modelled with a slightly converted Dauntless Cruiser. I was quite fortunate to have two of these and this is what I did.
My three types of Strike Cruiser
The model at the top is the standard model with no changes and as it is the only one like this in my fleet, will be the flagship (until some point where I may add a Battle Barge). The middle and bottom are the slight conversions. The Dauntless in the centre (which will be the torpedo variant in the fleet) has the two side panels and gun array of the Strike Cruiser fitted, while the cruiser at the bottom has the Dauntless' combined gun array and panel piece. A simple swap, but it makes them similar enough to be seen as Strike Cruisers and followed the image in the Compendium. I've now got all the models cleaned up and ready for priming, so hopefully can get that done this week.
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