Thursday, 19 March 2015

Battlefleet Gothic: Strike Cruiser conversions

From the 2010 compendium
The standard Space Marine Strike Cruiser is a fairly common sight and is the only cruiser option for the fleet. It does however have some options which are not easily represented on the model as it comes. However, as can be seen above from the BFG 2010 Compendium PDF release, the Strike Cruiser can be modelled with a slightly converted Dauntless Cruiser. I was quite fortunate to have two of these and this is what I did.
My three types of Strike Cruiser
The model at the top is the standard model with no changes and as it is the only one like this in my fleet, will be the flagship (until some point where I may add a Battle Barge). The middle and bottom are the slight conversions. The Dauntless in the centre (which will be the torpedo variant in the fleet) has the two side panels and gun array of the Strike Cruiser fitted, while the cruiser at the bottom has the Dauntless' combined gun array and panel piece. A simple swap, but it makes them similar enough to be seen as Strike Cruisers and followed the image in the Compendium. I've now got all the models cleaned up and ready for priming, so hopefully can get that done this week.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Red Scorpions: Everything is built!

I hate building bolter-weilding tactical marines... There was a reason I left them until last... Thankfully though, the Red Scorpions are now all built. It comes in at about 2900 points and fits nicely into two KR card cases (with a couple of spaces I think, so there might be a non-sniper scout squad or two added at the end) which is also a bonus. Hopefully the weather will hold up in the next 24-48 hours as there is a trip to Warhammer World planned for Friday and I'd like at LEAST some paint on everything - even if it is just primer at this stage!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Battlefleet Gothic: Red Scorpions 1k Space Marines fleet

So I just couldn't stay away from what has been one of my favourite games for too long... This time however, I came back to it completely by chance. I came home last weekend to discover a pane of glass had broken in the greenhouse - fine, I thought, I've got some spare in the garage. What do I find propping up the glass but a tin of models I'd put into nail varnish remover about 12 months ago to strip the paint off them. Among them were some Space Marine and Imperial ships for Battlefleet Gothic, so I've come up with a little 1000 point list. I've three metal Space Marine Strike Cruisers and two Imperial Dauntless Cruisers which are of a similar size. Because of this, I'm going to slightly convert the Dauntless to make them more 'Mariney' and use them as the Strike Cruisers that have replaced their forward launch bays with torpedo tubes. That way, I'll have a varied looking fleet which really only has one type of cruiser in it. The list is as follows:

  • Strike Cruiser with the Master of the Fleet, 195 pts
  • 2 Strike Cruiser as standard, 145 pts each
  • 2 Strike Cruiser with Torpedo Tubes, 145 points each
  • 3 Sword Frigates, 120 pts
  • 3 Cobra Destroyers, 105 pts
I'll hopefully be able to get some pictures up of the conversions in the next week - I've just got to find the right bits that I need. I'll also have some 40k Red Scorpions progress to post soon (building 40+ power armoured marines, for example).

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Red Scorpions: Basing progress and the move to 32mm

I decided since I was building the army from scratch I'd follow the most recent direction from Games Workshop and have all power armoured marines on the new 32mm bases. I was a little sceptical at first, but stood upon them, it does make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic. 

Raiding the bits box

I decided to leave some blank as otherwise it can make the army look too cluttered
Once they were attached, I PVA-ed a nice covering of Aquarium Pewter Sand from Pets at Home and left them to dry. Tomorrow, I'll touch up any bits that I've missed but so far so good!

I've allowed enough room around some of the basing to let the bits show through

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Red Scorpions: Drop Pod completed & plastic Librarian conversion

I hate painting these things. So much so, I bought this one cheap on eBay but it had the doors glued shut. About ten minutes with some super-glue remover and it was opened and could be repainted. The crew centre bits are missing from it, but that's something I could add to it at a later date if its emptiness starts to annoy.

Also while rummaging through my bits box, I decided to build another plastic Librarian. The other one came out well but went with the Blood Angels, so this one is his replacement. I'm happy with the how its come out.

Librarian conversion

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