Sunday, 31 January 2016

Alpha Legion: 30k List Planning - That escalated quickly

According to Battlescribe, I'm up to about 2700 points - oops... I've done as much as I can to save money on this while still having a fun, fluffy list that I'm hoping will be nice and usable in both 30k and 40k (that to be decided upon).

This is what I'm building, so any feedback very welcome. Please do keep in mind that it's to be a fun list, not a tournament list, but I think it'll have enough to cause some changes in plans for my opponent at some point during or after deployment. I'm listing it as a 2700 point list to show what is owned, so it'll be trimmed down to lower points as required.

HQ - 435 points
- Armillus Dynat, using the Pride of the Legion rule
- Centurion, Saboteur (using the Autilon Skoor model as he can't be used with Dynat)
- Centurion, Chaplain (from the Calth box)

Troops - 1080 points
- 10 Recon Legionnaires with sniper rifles and Cameleoline (one with have an Alpha Legion helmet and shoulder pad, so I could use him as Exodus in other games).
- 5+1 Legion Terminators in Cataphractii armour all with Volkite Chargers and a variety of weapons (Calth squad, plus the Praetor as a fancy Sergeant - this unit could be used as a Lernean squad if need be due to the Volkites).
- 10 Veterans with two Missile Launchers and Flakk (Calth marines)
- 10 Veterans with two Heavy Bolters (Calth marines)

Elites - 335 points
- Contemptor-Mortis with two Multi-Meltas
- Contemptor-Mortis with two Kheres Assault Cannons (both Calth, with a bit of conversions)

Fast Attack - 300 points
- 10 Headhunters with Banestrike Ammo (Calth marines with close combat weapons, maybe adding in some of the new Forge World bits)

Heavy Support - 545 points
- Land Raider Phobos
- Land Raider Spartan

The plan is the Spartan will probably take Dynat, the Chaplain and the Cataphractii and one of the two squads of Veterans will ride in the Phobos. The other unit will sit back, while the recon squad (which could play as two squads) will infiltrate and create annoying fire lanes. Dreads will provide some close range shooting cover. The Headhunters' ability to infiltrate or outflank make them interesting, but they could equally be the unit in the Phobos if there was a particularly important infantry unit to hit early. 

I'm hoping there is sufficient AA with the two Mortis and the Flakk in the Veterans, along with the twin/quad linked lascannons on the Land Raiders. 

Thoughts hugely welcome!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Alpha Legion: Quick colour test

This was a quick first attempt at getting the Alpha Legion colour I'm going for. It was a simple spray of Army Painter Plate Steel, then a single brushing of Tamiya Clear Blue. That was it. Far simpler than I imagined. As you can see this is slightly bluer than the Forge World scheme used for their models, but as you can see from the plate below far closer to their colours in the books (which also note Alpha Legion use various colours).

Overall, I'm happy! Can't wait to get some models built and painted up. Got the first model built, which is Autilon Skoor (shown below) - who was a limited edition model. While I can't use him and Dynat in the same list, he will proxy up nicely as a Saboteur I think or be used as the named HQ in smaller games where his lower points cost will be handy.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Alpha Legion: A new beginning. Again.

Ooops... So I now have a 30k/40k army, and it's another big one. The Knights went, as my armies do. Mainly as after having conversations with people who had played against them it wasn't good fun. I don't like that in an army as I want my opponents to enjoy the game as much as I do.

So with that in mind, and with the fact that Games Workshop dropped Betrayal at Calth, I spent some money. The hardest decision was picking a Legion. I've previously done Night Lords and Raven Guard, so ruled them out. After some searching round for ideas, I was stunned by the Alpha Legion colour scheme on the Forge World website and especially this guy - Armillus Dynat

Wow. Then I researched how to paint that colour and thought f***. Further research into the Legion allowed me to stumble upon the colour prints in the Forge World books that show a much more blue colour that I'm looking forward to aiming towards. Hopefully I'll get that tried this week and post a quick picture.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Product Review: Imperial Knight shield indicators from Mechanical Warhorse

This is a quick product review of another eBay purchase. This time it’s some shield indicators and hull point markers (which come as a set, link here). For those not aware, in the game you must indicate the side your shields are facing for each Knight and only that 90 degree is protected by the shield. With five Knights on the table, it would be easy for either my opponent (or, far more likely, me) to lose track of their individual facings.

First impressions are that they are very neatly made, with each of the side indicators coming from half a full circle as can be seen below. The acrylic feels thick enough for the job at about 2-3mm and the seller (eBay seller Mechanical Warhorse, or via their website which is had a number of different colour choices at the time. 

Also bundled with them was a hull point counter. This again is nicely made, and even though I didn’t actually realise it was a bundled item until it arrived it’ll probably be a useful thing in game. My original plan was to use a normal dice on the base, but these will do.

Downside to these is the postage cost from the US which came to £19 - which is very excessive for a few pieces of acrylic. It would definitely be inhibitory if ordering just one, but if there are a few people in your gaming group with Knights it might be a good idea to pool the money and only pay for one shipping.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Imperial Knights: Less models but slower progress

There has sadly been little progress on the Imperial Knights so far as work has become very busy. That said, my second built Knight has arrived – this time the Castigator. Due to it being packed incredibly poorly it took just over an hour to get it back together (and standing on the oval base facing the right direction – i.e. it was facing the short edge!?) but it’s done now and I’m happy with it. A re-prime and it should fit in nicely with the collection. The other three Knights have some progress as the legs are all built. It’s a start, a slow one, but a start nonetheless…

Below is a pic of the Knights so far. There should be some more progress this week. Hopefully.

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